KIT CARROCERÍA DE MADERAPIA PREMIUM 15 PIEZAS/ MADEROTERAPIA!! Incluye: Rodillo Mazorca Rodillo Cuatro Cubos *Rodillo Cuatro Esferas *Rodillo Mazorca Curvo *Copa Sueca *Copa Sueca Rodillo *Copa Cabo Champiñón *Tabla Profesional *Tabla Curva *Champiñón Profesional *Champiñón Curvo *Pulpo Cuatro Patas *Levantamiento Glúteos *Levantamiento Senos *Masajeador Capilar


PREMIUM MADERAPIA BODY KIT 15 PIECES / MADEROTERAPIA!! Includes: Roller Cob Roller Four Cubes *Roller Four Spheres *Roller Cob Curved *Swedish Cup *Swedish Cup Roller *Cape Mushroom Cup *Professional Table *Curved Table *Professional Mushroom *Curved Mushroom *Octopus Four Legs *Buttock Lift *Breast Lift *Hair Massager



DISCLAIMER * When purchasing this product or any of our other product, there is no manual that explains how to use, we do offer the trainings for these products.* Thank you for your understanding. Perfessional use recommended.

15 Piece Wood Kit

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